“Ahealo is an Intelligent Platform to Protect and Care For Your Mental Health Pervasively”
“No matter what you feel, Ahealo is with you”
“We recognize 7 different stages of mental experience”
“No shame, no ID, no judging”
“Tech + Therapy speed up healing”
“Join the Ahealo healing / sharing community, NOW”
“Start free self-therapy by signing up”

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Starting Stage:

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Contemplation Stage:

Struggle Stage:

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Seeking Help Stage:

Engaging Help Stage:

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Recovery Stage:

New Normal Stage:

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Self treatment / Self therapy


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Goal setting


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Our communities

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Our AI


Who is ahealo?

Ahealo is an Intelligent Platform to Protect and Care For Your Mental Health Pervasively

What can ahealo do?

We continuously ask ourselves the same questions too. What can we do and what can we do better? Ahealo continuously innovate self-treatment tools, mindfulness activities, and therapy for mental health healing

How does Ahealo handle users’ information?

We do not need and do not want your information. Ahealo does not collect personal information, because its optional. This means, we don’t know who you are. It’s a privilege we are giving to our users for all your engagements without our platforms. No worries about any traces back to you. Be free to engage in any therapies without any medical records that might affect your employment, etc.

How committed is Ahealo?

We are extremely committed. Having experienced the pain to scout for therapy and self-treatment, the Ahealo founders understand the challenges. This is why we have invested heavily in tech and scout for the best therapists to assist in your healing journey.


Is Ahealo is a real business?

Yes, we are. Ahealo differentiates ourselves with other traditional sites and therapists by offering FREE self-healing tools and tests to help in your healing. Although we are not a non-profit organization, but we are committed to provide a comprehensive solution using tech, AI, therapists, mindfulness, etc to assist in your healing journey.

Does Ahealo invest in R&D?

Yes, we do. The continuous R&D investment in AI and tech will benefit our users in the long run. It’s a fusion of research in mental health psychology and technology to bring creative ways to expedite mental health healing.

How do our users benefit from Ahealo?

So many ways to benefit. Continuous R&D will enable us to provide unique tools and functions to analyze and speed up healing. Expand our business offering means more ways to handle different aspect of mental healthcare. More business partnerships means more employees to benefit.

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