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Doctor Dashboard

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1. Doctor Dashboard

The doctor’s dashboard page represents the place where all the upcoming appointments are listed. Here, doctors need to approve the appointments, and be ready to take on the 1-1 video calls with the users

doctor dashboard 1

2. Patient Appointment (Today)

This is the first screen you should check when you login to the portal. The Today page represents the appointments you have for the day. For every new appointment, you will have to either approve it or request to reschedule it in case if you cannot get to this appointment. 

doctor dashboard 2

3. Patient Appointment (Upcoming)

The Upcoming page displays all the appointment booked for the next 6 days ahead. Similarly, you have to either approve the appointment or reschedule it in case if you not available. 

4. Other fields

Patient Name: The listed NickName of the Patient (User)

Appointment Date: The date and time of the appointment. Do note that the list Date and Time is adjust according to your listed time zone set in the Doctor Profile – Basic Info page. 

Type of Patient: New or existing

Amount Paid: The amount paid by the patient (user) for the appointment

Status: When the appointment is first displayed, you need to approve / reschedule the appointment. When you have approved it, the patient (user) will see the change on the appointment status at their end as being confirmed. 

Video call icon: The video call icon will be displayed 24 hours before the actual appointment time, and up to 1 hour after. Thereafter, the video call button will disappear. Just in case if you miss this call, or the video appointment couldn’t happen, you will need to login a support request with us here

Reschedule Appointment: We are still in the mid of working out the appointment rescheduling function. We will release more information once this function is complete. 

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