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Doctor Messages

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1. Doctors' Messages

The intention of this function is equivalent to a chat messaging app, except that this messaging function is fully integrated within the Ahealo Doctors & Users portals only. The purpose of this messaging function is to facilitate communications between doctors and users. 

doctor message

2. Chat Connections

The messaging chat connection can only be established by Ahealo based on psychotherapy appointments booked by the users. In other words, there is no other way to establish a message chat except when user books an appointment with their doctors. 

3. Text Chat Only

For the purpose of communication and user privacy, Ahealo forbids doctors to communicate with users outside our platform for issue user protection and any other potential legal issues that might arise. 

Similarly, no attachments of image, videos, voice, voice calls, or video calls are permitted on the chat messaging platform.  

4. Resolving Issues or Inquiries

Should there be any issues, inquiries, or concerns regarding the virtual psychotherapy session, the chat messaging platform facilitates these questions and answers to be exchanged between doctors and users. 

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