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1. Pricing

The pricing page allows you to set your pricing based on an hourly rate basis. The final amount of the price per appointment slot will be prorate as per duration set for each appointment. For example, if you set your hourly rate at $80, and the appointment duration at 45 mins per session, this would mean the appointment will be $60 per session. 

doctor pricing

2. Participate in all promotions

By default, this option to participate in all promotions is set to TRUE. This means that you have agreed to share all the promotional discounts with us for the purpose of all marketing campaigns for user acquisition. For example, if your price is set at $80 per hour, and a 20% discount is applied, this will mean the effective cost on your hourly rate will be $64 per hour. 

The decision to participate in our all promotions is entirely yours. As part of our customer acquisition strategy, we will be aggressively working with different partners, businesses, institution, agencies, etc., to give away some promotions to attract new customers and retain them on our platform. 

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