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Doctor Request For Payment

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1. Request For Payment

In this page, all pending request for payment records are displayed. Doctors will select those records to request for payment.

2. Payment Setup & Requirements

Ahealo requires all our doctors to approve the payment request in Paypal in order to receive the payment from us. Should you have issue setting up and approving payment from Ahealo, please drop an email to our support team here

3. Payment Processing

As part of Ahealo’s payment processing policy, doctors will only get to request for their payment 14 days after the completion of the virtual psychotherapy session with the patient (user). This is to prevent any payment dispute or chargeback should user request for refunds with Paypal

doctor request for payment

4. Payment Record Fields

Patient (User) Name: This is the nickname of the user

Total Amount: The amout paid by the user when booking the appointment

Ahealo Fee: This is the amount charged by Ahealo as part of our admin, processing, & platform fee

Amount You Get: This is the final amount that you will get per record

Appointment Time: The psychotherapy appointment with the patient (user) 

5. Request Payment

When the eligible records are selected, the request payment process will initiate the process of requesting the payment from Ahealo

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