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1. Doctor Reviews

Doctors’ reviews are given by patient (users) after every psychotherapy appointment call. These reviews are displayed on the doctor in the users’ portal

doctor review

2. Post Psychotherapy Review By Patients (Users)

At the end of every psychotherapy, patients are given the opportunity to provide the review on the doctor. This review is optional from the patient, but Ahealo do encourage patients to provide their sincere reviews on the doctors. When patient entered their review, each review will then be shown on the Doctors’ Reviews page. So, doctors are encourage to respond to the reviews using the Reply function

3. Reviews Reply

All doctors are given only 1 opportunity to reply to each review. Once the reply button is clicked, all comments or replies are finalized. Ahealo do not allow reviews to be tempered, and to display an honest opinion of the patient and doctor. 

However, ahealo requests our patients to be lenient in their reviews, because these reviews are linked to the doctor and displayed publicly. 

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