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Doctor Schedule Timings

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1. Doctor Schedule Timings

This schedule timing page allows the doctor to schedule the appointment timing based on a weekly basis. In other words, the time slots are set to be repetitive on a weekly basis for simplicity. 

doctor schedule 1

2. Appointment Slot Duration

This is a global setting for the doctor for all appointment durations. 4 different durations of 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 minutes are available. Before the actual time of availability are set on the days and time, doctors are required to set the duration of every appointment slot. 

3. Price Per Session

In the Pricing page of Doctor Profile, you need to set your price based on an hourly rate. So, based on the preset slot duration, the final price per session is indicated right below the slot duration dropdown box. 

4. Ahealo's Commissions & Fee

Till 31st December 2021, the management team of Ahealo has fixed our platform fee at 30% of appointment fee or $12, whichever is higher. Ahealo reserve the right to adjust our commissions & fee from time to time, based on our business costs and market conditions. 

doctor schedule 2

5. Doctor's Available Schedule

Based on customers’ feedback, we have decided to set doctor’s schedule on a weekly basis. This is also to ensure consistencies to users for making the same day-of-week and time appointments. 

6. Select Day-Of-The-Week

From Monday to Sunday, the doctor is free to set your schedule. Start by selecting the day-of-the-week and the available session. 

7. Select Time Of The Day

Once you have selected the day-of-the-week, you will need to select the time of the day for your appointment slot. 

8. Avoid Long Duration

As shown in the example above, the doctor is available on all Mondays from 6pm to 9pm. And with the duration per appointment slot set at 15 mins, this means, the system will break up the entire schedule and display the available slots to the user in 15 mins slots. See picture below

doctor schedule 3

9. Set Schedule To Give Time For Appointment Diagnosis Entry

Ahealo highly encourage doctors to set appointment based on actual duration. Typical appointments are usually 45 / 60 mins in duration. At the end of each time, the doctors are required to spend some admin time to enter the summary of the appointment for the patient (user) as part of the diagnosis. So, it’s better to set the doctor appointment based on the duration of each appointment. 

doctor schedule 4

10. Automatic time zone offset

All doctor’s appointment slots are automatically adjusted on display based on the patient’s (user) time zone. So, there will be no adjust required on the part of the doctor as long as the time zone selection is done correctly on the part of the doctor. So, this will mean that the doctor may be talking to a patient at the patient’s night time. 

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