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User Appointments

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1. User Appointments

The User’s Appointment page represents the place where all the past and upcoming appointments are listed in a table format

User Appointments

2. Appointment confirmed

After the booking of appointment, the status of the appointment will show up on the table. The Video call button for the appointment will show up 24 hours prior to the actual appointment time. 

User appointment confirmed

3. Other Fields

Doctor: The name of the doctor or psychotherapists

Appt Date or Appointment Date: The actual date and time of your appointment, localized according to your preset time zone. 

Booking Date: The date of the booking of appointment

Amount: The final amount that you paid for the booking of appointment with the doctor or psychotherapist

Status: The status of the appointment with the doctor. Kindly note that all booked appointment will have the “Pending” status in the record. This is due to prior approval from the doctor. However, DO NOT worry about this because some doctors may not approve the appointment, but will still proceed to the appointment video call with you. Also, if doctor has “Approved” the appointment as a confirmation, the approved status will appear on the record

Video call: The video call button will appear within 24 hours from the actual appointment time, and 1 hour after the apppointment time. Thereafter the video call button will disappear. 

4. Missing An Appointment

We are currently in the process of working out the work flow of missing an appointment. We understand the last minute schedule you have, but do try to understand the reservation of time on the part of the doctor or psychotherapists for you. Some doctor might consider the no show of your part to be full chargeable since they have reserved their time for you. 

Due to the different practice by different doctors, we need to have different scenarios to cater to the missing of an appointment. But we will try our very best to resolve this issue on your behalf. 

Just in case if you miss this call, or the video appointment couldn’t happen, you will need to login a support request with us here

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