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1. Doctor (Psychotherapist) - Profile

The purpose of this Doctors’ (psychotherapist) page is to display the professional profile. This includes the biography, education, work experience, awards, service, & specialization

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2. Biography

The biography section provides a detailed description of the psychotherapist’s life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and portrays a person’s experience of the special events in their life so far. 

3. Work & Experience

The work & experience section provides the career history of the psychotherapist. Although the career history may not be a clear indication to the unique specialization of the psychotherapists, but it does provide an accumulation of professional experiences  

4. Awards

The awards section display all the special awards received by the psychotherapist in the course of their professional career

5. Services

The services section details the type of professional services provided by the psychotherapist. 

6. Specialization

The Specialization section details the area of specialization provided by the psychotherapist

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