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1. Doctors - Psychotherapy

The purpose of this Doctors’ page is to display all the available doctors or psychotherapists for your selection. This can be based on pricing, expertise, service focus, specialization, language, time zone, schedule of availability, reviews, etc. Ahealo brings the good and affordable psychotherapists for your selection based on your own criteria. 

2. Display Order

The order of display of psychotherapists is done according to our random platform algorithm. Ahealo serve no bias or preference to any doctors, and will leave the selection to your choice. We hope to provide you with a wide range of doctors that would help to cater to your needs and requirements. 

User - Doctors - Psychotherapy - Search

3. Search for Psychotherapists

There are 3 ways to search for psychotherapists on our platform

Search by Doctor: This option allows you to look for the doctor based on the name of the psychotherapist. 

Search by Service: Look for the psychotherapist based on the service you are looking for, e.g. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Knowing what you need, its easier to search for psychotherapists that provide these services for your needs. 

Search by Specialty: If you are clear to look for the area of specialization of your need, e.g., Family therapy, drug abuse therapy, etc.. you can look for it based on their specialty. 

User - Doctors - Psychotherapy - Sort By

4. Sort By

For users that are price conscious, ahealo provides a sort by function to narrow down the list of psychotherapists based on your budget range. 

Standard: The standard range are psychotherapists that provide an hourly rate of $50 or less

Consultant: The consultant group provides an hourly fees from $51 to $120 per hour

Senior Consultant: The senior consultant groups charges $121 per hour and above. 

User - Doctors - Psychotherapy - Doctor Profile General Display

5. Doctor's Profile - Summary

The psychotherapist’s profile summary displays a few key summary to the doctor’s photo, name, education, participations to ahealo’s promotion, services, available schedule, spoken languages, and price per hour. 

Doctor’s photo: A display of the psychotherapist’s professional photo

Name: The psychotherapist’s first and last name

Education: The psychotherapist’s first professional education

Accept Promo: If you see this text, this means that the psychotherapist is participating in ahealo’s promotional offers, and the use of promo code is enabled for discount during appointment booking

Services: The list of professional services provided by the psychotherapist

Available: The day-of-the-week, where the psychotherapist is available. For the detailed schedule, kindly click on Book Now, to find out the exact schedule slots made available by the psychotherapist

Language: The types of spoken language offered by the psychotherapists

Price: Generalized based on the hourly rate. Kindly note that different psychotherapists will offer different psychotherapy session durations, ranging from 15, 30, 45, and 60 mins. The actual price per session will be displayed when bookings are selected

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