1.“It’s Easy To Tackle Mental Health, Just 1 Symptom At A Time”

  • “Every mental health symptom is different. Let Ahealo guide you step by step”

2.“Don’t worry too much now, just start with a simple quiz”

  • “Knowing what you need to fix will make things easy” 

3.“Don’t think too much. Start small, be consistent”

  • “Set some goals and break them into smaller steps” 

4.“Release your pressure by writing them away”

  • “Journal keeping is a good form of self therapy” 

5.“You will not be alone. Join our community for mutual help”

  • “Sharing and caring for others thru Journal records forms a good community” 

6.“Help is always available. Don’t be afraid to ask”

  • “Ahealo’s team of friendly therapists is readily available. No shame, no ID, no judging” 

7.“Life can be clam and peaceful thru our wide range of mindfulness activities”

  • “Participate in mindfulness programs can be extremely helpful in your journey to recovery”
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