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Doctor’s (Psychotherapist) Approval Process

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1. Doctor's Approval Process

To ensure the quality of our doctors (psychotherapists) on our platform, we require all the information in the Profile section to be filled up. Additionally, we will require documentation proof of your academic qualification, professional membership, experience, awards, employment history etc. 

2. Diversification of Doctor's service & specialization age, culture, language, etc

To offer a diversify range of doctor based on their service and specializations, we will limit the number of doctors to avoid overcrowding. This limit on the number of doctors will also include factors such as age, country of residence, culture, language, etc. 

3. Upon approval

Once approval is given to the doctor, you will receive an email from us. At this stage, your profile is set to visible to all our user on the platform. However, you will need to ensure that you fill up all the information in the profile section, and setting your schedule timing. Only with these information, that including your schedule (with price per appointment session) that our system will display your profile to our users. 

Just in case if your profile is not being displayed, kindly reply to the email that you have sent you to ask for assistance. 

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