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1. Doctor's Profile

The doctor’s profile page represent the most important area that requires to be setup and input in order for approval of your account within our platform, as well as displaying your profile to all the users for booking of psychotherapy appointments. 

doctor Profile

Even though the Doctor’s platform is setup to be responsive, which is enabled for mobile web pages, Ahealo highly recommends all our doctors to use their laptop or PC for best display of web pages and taking of 1-1 video calls with our users. 

2. Basic Info

The basic information section allows you to enter all the basic personal information about yourself. We will explain in detail of the Basic Info page here

3. Contact Details

The contact details section allows you to enter all your contact information. All the contact information here are private, and will not be shown to the users. We will explain the details of the fields of the contact details here

4. Pricing

The pricing page allows you to set your own pricing based on a per hour basis. Do note that you will also set the duration of your appointment slot in the Schedule Timing page. This means, the pricing per appointment slot will take reference to this pricing per hour and will prorate the price per appointment slot. More on the details of the pricing page here

5. Service & Specializations

The service section allow you to input the type of services you provide, and the specialization section allow you to indicate the area of specialization or professional expertise. More details on the page here

6. Clinics

The clinics page allows you to enter where your current working place is. If you have your own clinic, or is working in a clinic, you can enter the information here. If you are working in a hospital, you can also enter the information on the page

7. Education

The educations page allows you to enter your academic achievements. This is also the area where Ahealo will check (before approval), and reference your academic achievements to our users. More details on the page here

8. Experience

The experience page allows you to enter your work history. You can find out more details on the page here

9. Awards

The awards section allows you to enter the awards you receive as part of your work contribution, and this includes other non-work related awards, such as from professional bodies etc. More details on the page here

10. Membership

The membership section allows you to enter professional memberships with the relevant professional bodies. This include past and current memberships. More details on the page here

11. Supporting Documents

Ahealo added this section to allow Doctors to submit the relevant proof of academic qualifications, identification, certificate of practice issued by the respective authorities etc. More details on the page here

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